Vestin Realty Mortgage I's Board of Directors and senior management team are committed to sound principles of corporate governance. We also have a Code of Ethics that provides a framework for operating standards and ethics at Vestin Realty Mortgage I outlining what we expect of all our officers, directors, and employees.

The Board maintains the following standing committees:
  • Our Audit Committee oversees our accounting and financial reporting processes, internal systems of control, independent auditor relationships and the audits of our financial statements.
  • The Nominating Committee's purpose is to assist our board of directors by identifying individuals qualified to become directors.
  • The Compensation Committee's purpose is to assist our board in discharging its responsibilities relating to compensation of the Company’s directors, executive officers and its sole manager, Vestin Mortgage, LLC
The Company's Code of Business Conduct And Ethics set forth the guiding principles of business ethics and certain legal requirements applicable to our Board of Directors and all employees.